Byrd Park WOD, 2/10/07


We have a team work out planned for this Saturday. It looks like this:

50m Tire Drag (tire flip if you cannot tire drag, two-person tire flip if you cannot flip alone)

Ring Push-Ups (inverted push ups if you cannot to do rings, box push ups if you cannot do push ups)

Kettle Bell Swings (dumbbell swings of various denominations if you cannot do kettle bell swings)

We will form into teams of three. Each athlete will begin at a station of their choice. When the clock starts the athlete at the tire drag will begin the 50m drag while the other two perform reps of ring push-ups and kettle bell swings until the tire dragger has returned. Athletes will then rotate to the next station. We will do 5 rounds.

The team with the fastest time wins.

Do not be scared of this work out if you have not come out with us before. As you can see, we can scale it to your skill level and make it very doable. It will be hard, but it will not kill you.

As always, we meet at 10am on Saturday morning in Byrd Park by the pull-up bars. Just look for the crazy tractor tires.

Till then,

We ain’t playin’ with ya!