Starting group classes

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I’m sure you’ve all gotten the e-mail by now. We are starting group classes at Top Game Academy. To get directions, click on the link on the left hand side of the site. Also, when you go to register for the class, you can see the address.

We need everyone coming out! It’s a big step from once a week free workouts outside to regular group classes in a rented space. All the money we get from the classes will go straight to paying rent and for more equipment. So in the end, the money you are paying is going straight to benefitting you and providing you with the best CrossFit experience. You can’t lose. While we are currently planning on offering classes on Monday and Wednesday nights at 5:30, if we get enough people coming out, and there is interest for more times (possibly early morning or later at night) we may be able to work something out. It largely depends on what you guys want. So invite your spouse, sister, brother, co-worker, or friend. Tell them that CrossFit will get them in the best shape they’ve ever been in. You know it will, I know it will. So I’ll see you then.

(make sure to register!)

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