Our friend James



Nothing will stop James. He’d come out everyday if he could. It’s gotten so bad that we asked him to sign up for the Saturday WOD and Top Game workouts when he wasn’t going to be there. Nothing will stop him from his goal.

A little about James: he’s a Law Enforcement Officer. Exactly the type of person CrossFit RVA needs. He came to us a little over two months ago looking for an edge. He has tried all of those other things that were supposed to work: running a couple of miles at a moderate pace three times a week, body building splits, radical cardio.

I’m generalizing. But! He did come looking for something new to propel him up and out. On January 3 James did his first Helen. It was his second time CrossFitting. He grinded his way through it with the determination all of us on the team have come to know and admire.

When he was done he collapsed with the euphoric feeling and sly smile we all have when we’re done CrossFitting. The interior monologue runs something like this:

That was hard! (lay down on the ground) I’m glad it’s over! (insert uncontrollable gasping here) …It was intense! (now the sweat is dripping in your eyes) …And I’m not dead!

James completed his next Helen a little over a week ago. He improved his score by over 3 minutes. CrossFitting 4 days a week in Byrd Park and on the Grinder did him right. Hopefully we’ve done a man with a lot of heart right and all his work pays off. Whatever happens, he’s earned every ounce of our respect with grunts, sweat, and a whole lot of gasping.

Wish him luck as he tries out for the SWAT Team next week. All of us back here are rooting for you!

We ain’t playin’ with ya!