Not even a 10k could stop us

Matt WODs


So Richmond has this little run every year. And it’s kind of a big deal.

The Monument 10k started very early and ended with many people collapsed in puddles of their own sweat. CrossFit RVA at Byrd Park began and ended in much of the same way.

With a partner perform the following tasks:
500m row
80 Bear Complexes
80 Sit-ups
80 Depth Jumps
80 Kettle Bell swings

The time starts when the first member of the team begins the 500m row. Upon completion the second team member begins to row. When both are done they move onto the Bear Complexes, taking turns doing 10 reps until they have reached a total of 80. When they are done they move onto the next station. Cycle through this one more time completing 40 reps. First team to finish wins.

Brian and Jake were the victors with a time of 19:19. It was solid work.


We had a good crowd. Brian, thankfully, brought the beautiful C2. Dan even came all the way from Norfolk to train with us. It was a good time and we will be doing it again next Saturday (and every Saturday after that). Come out and train!