Cinderella Story

Matt WODs


Everyone at 5:30 did Jackie.
Jackie? CrossFit RVA doesn’t have a C2 rower! Well actually…

Row 1000 meters
50 45lb Thrusters
30 Pull-Ups

Vic, Kat, Megan, and Terrell came out and worked very hard with this one. It was everyone’s first time rowing and it ended with jello legs and smiles all around.

We have a C2 rower, new 8 and 10k kettlebells, and more pull-up assist bands. By the end of the week we will have a Glute-Ham Developer. In the coming weeks we are acquiring an Olympic bench, Squat rack, and climbing rope. The Lombardy Gym is fully operational and open to all. If you’ve been hiding in the cracks between the bricks, or far out in the West End, you can come out now. It’s time to train.