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Those on our mailing list have already seen this, but I wanted to post it for everyone out there in internet land. I believe in transparency and easy communication between CrossFit RVA and everyone who trains here regularly, rarely, or not at all. Contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Hello Everyone:

We’re still in the process of crafting the new, more informative newsletter. In the meantime, this is what we’ve actually accomplished:

1)The Lombardy Gym is fully functional. We have a Concept 2 Rower, a Glute-Ham Developer, over 600 lbs in steel weight, Olympic bars galore, gymnasts rings, dip bars, pull-up bars, rubber mats, a climbing rope, etc., etc., etc. We can do anything any other CrossFit gym does now. If you have not trained in the Lombardy Gym, you should. First time is free and we have discounted packages depending on what you do for a living. We also offer discounted packages if you bring a friend. That means you and your friend get reduced monthly fees.

2)We hold classes in the Lombardy Gym at 6:30 am, 5:30 pm, and 6:30 pm. We are still at Byrd Park at 10am in Saturdays. We meet by the pull-up bars on the VITA trail on the Park Drive side. Byrd Park is, of course, always free.

3)We are in the market for a new space. The more people we get on monthly packages the sooner we will all be indoors. I know everyone is excited about that. Let’s make it happen together.

See you in the gym,

CrossFit RVA