“He gave me a dead leg!”

Matt WODs


Today we tried an CFRVA original:

4 rounds of
10 Tractor tire flips
10 Ball slam lateral jump complex, 20# ball
10 Goblet step-ups, 16kg Kettlebell, 20′ box

Chong, at the 5:30 training session, did this in 23:20

As always the tire flips are performed with a leap into and out of the tire. The ball slam lateral jump complex is done by performing a typical ball slam then jumping sideways over a heavy bag. Goblet step-ups are done by racking the KB in the Goblet squat position and stepping up with your left foot onto the box. Repeat with the right. This is one rep.

We’re in the market for an industrial space to operate out of. Anything from 500 square feet to 1000. If you know anything, give us a holler.