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We put together a sled. I know, I know we have a tire, right? A monster truck tire at that. Why do we need a sled?

Well, ask everyone who’s been using it. Another tool in the tool shed. We’ve been toying around with some workouts that look like this:

3 rounds of-
50m 70lb sled drags while carrying 35lb dumbells
21 Kettlebell swings.


Team workout, 3 rounds
One team member drags 120lb sled 120 meters (a meter for every pound)
Another member rows for Calories during the duration of the drag
The last team member does as many 45lb barbell thrusters as possible during the drag. Switch stations until everyone has been through all of the movements 3 times.

I know a lot of you workout on base, in the station, or at home so here is a tweak for the last one:
Start a clock and drag something for 1:30. If you do not have a sled try to farmers walk heavy dumbells, bear hug and run with a heavy bag or large rock, or fireman carry a buddy. Perform sumo dead-lift high pulls at 75lbs for 1:30. Perform 45lb thrusters for 1:30. Repeat for 3 rounds, rest 1 minute between each round.

Try these and let us know how they went.

P.S.: Jake recieved a USAW certification this past weekend. We are putting together an Olympic and Power lifting class. If you are interested leave a message in the comments.