New Faces


There’s been plenty of new faces around CrossFit RVA lately. Thanks to all of those who have been bringing new people out, and we look forward to training with everyone in the future.

Also, check out the new “Categories” box on the right hand side of the site. I’ve split up most of the old posts, so it’s much easier to look at old news, WODs, or articles without having to sort through so much stuff. You can also use the search function at the bottom of the page. You can look up old workouts, mentions of yourself on the site (you know you want to), or anything else.

The WODs were:

“Nancy” and our CFRVA Original of the day,


7 Rounds of:
-7 Hang Power Cleans
-7 Burpees
-7 Deadlift High-Pulls
-7 Push-Presses
-200M Run

Vic and Steve Wall Balls