WOD 2/12/08

Jake WODs

Today’s WOD:

At the beginning of each minute, perform X number of back squats, where X equals the current minute. For example, on minute 1, 1 back squat, on minute 2, 2 back squats. Continue until you cannot perform the required number of back squats within the span of one minute.

Guys: 65#
Girls” 45#

bear crawls
-VCU’s rugby team doing bear crawls.

We are in the process of expanding our personal training options. You now have the option to purchase 4 personal training sessions for $100 ($25 per class) if purchased in conjunction with a group class membership. That’s $10 less than our standard rate. If you’re feeling a little behind, have some personal goals or interests, or just want a little more instruction, let us know!