Open House for Local Firefighters


As the only CrossFit affiliate in Richmond running large-scale group classes, we would like to extend the opportunity to all local firefighters to come out for a free workout on June 23rd and 25th at 9:00am. We understand that with the way most shifts work, coming to the afternoon classes would be difficult. So, with enough interest (6 sign-ups) we would gladly setup a mid-morning class which could work with YOUR schedule. Of course, anyone who signs up would be free to come to any of our group classes. Additionally, we offer all Fire/LEO/Military a discounted rate of $70 for unlimited group classes in a month.

CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program defined by constantly varied, functional movements executed at high intensities. The CrossFit methodology has been employed by many Fire, Military, and Law Enforcement communities because of its emphasis on real life application. As firefighters you must learn to expect the unexpected and be able to act at a moment’s notice. You may have to run flights of stairs carrying heavy gear, break through a door, or carry a person as quickly as possible to ensure your safety as well as theirs. Traditional training programs do not prepare you for the demands your career may place on you. Those who strictly lift weights get winded easily. Those who strictly run will not be strong enough for the demands of their job. Finally, those who employ both in their programs using isolation movements with the traditional “cardio”/weightlifting divide will find themselves unable to cope with activities which stress muscular endurance, strength and aerobic capacity simultaneously.

CrossFit assists you in performing the unknowable demands of your job by combining fundamental weight training and “cardio” into workouts to improve your performance during the most stressful situations, which we refer to as metabolic conditioning. Your job has more than one dimension, so should your training.

Feel free to contact either myself (Jacob Rowell) or Brandon Underwood for more information.

Thanks for your time,

Jacob Rowell


Brandon Underwood