Free Workout/Open House

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Yes, it’s time for another free Saturday workout with CrossFit RVA! At our free group workouts/open house, you’ll have the opportunity to see the facility first-hand, try a workout for yourself, and ask any questions you may have. You’ll train with both new and veteran CrossFitters in a workout that will be challenging yet scaled to your fitness levels. Our free workouts are intended to be a good representation of what we do every day at our group classes.

What is CrossFit
Crossfit workouts typically:

* are short, the average being 15-20 minutes.
* are intense. CrossFit uses movements which are executed at an intensity which are unsustainable over an extended period of time.
* are timed/scored. Unlike most traditional gym routines, where a certain number of sets or reps are completed without a major concern for time, CrossFit workouts are always performed with a running clock or some kind of scoring system. You’re more inclined to perform is given a goal to shoot for, or someone to compete with. Scores and times from workouts are recorded and compared over a period of time to guage progress.
* are highly varied. Most workouts will not be repeated within a 1-2 month period. Some may never show up again. Even the movements in your workotus vary greatly from day to day. Not only will your workouts never become monotonous, but the highly-varied nature of CrossFit workouts keep your body contantly adapting and your fitness improving.

Who is CrossFit for?
CrossFit has been used by the sedentary, elderly, professional athletes, firefighters, law enforcement, military, and everyone in between. CrossFit is for anyone who is serious becoming more fit, whether their goal is to live a longer healthier life, improve their athleticism, or be better prepared for their job.

CrossFit is entirely scalable; volume, weight, and intensity can all be adjusted to meet your current level of fitness. The workouts are tough, but keep in mind that all posted WOD’s are at the prescribed level, and anyone who is new to CrossFit will start off with scaled workouts.