WOD 12/16/08


Today’s WOD:

-Backsquat, as much as you can pull from floor

-One of the most common, and debilitating injuries we see at CrossFit RVA are those involving the wrists. I’m seeing more and more reliance on tape, wraps, as well as lots of grimacing during overhead squats, front squats, and pressing work. As everyone knows, your wrists are pretty important – I can’t think of many movements we do frequently that don’t in some way use them. And, if you hurt them to the point that they’re constantly tight and inflamed, you’re going to have a hard time doing much of anything involving your hands. I’m going to post a few tips over the next few weeks about how to save your wrists all the trouble, and hopefully get everyone pressing, squatting, and cleaning pain-free before long.