WOD 12/29/08


Today’s WOD:

5 Rounds:
-5 Hang Squat Clean
-5 Thrusters
-800M Run

For most of you experiencing any wrist pain or discomfort, it is largely preventable and treatable. I’m not talking weeks to months spent with a physical therapist, but a few minutes every time you come train working some preventative measures or simply taking the time to treat your aching wrists afterwards.

So, let’s look at the positions which might hurt your wrists, or times you might experience significant wrist pain, and why these positions can cause injury.

Front Squat Rack Position

When the bar is properly racked, all of the bar’s weight should be on the deltoids, not resting in the hands. The bar should be resting in the fingertips, and elbows up as high as possible.
When the elbows drop while performing front squats, the weight is transferred from the shoulders to the hands. Instead of the broad musculature of the shoulders bearing the weight, it is all in your arms, and your wrists are the weakest link. The wrists are easily forced past their normal range of motion, causing injury.