Olympic Weightlifting Seminar with Chris Wilkes

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Chris Wilkes Olympic Weightlifting Seminar
Chris Wilkes Olympic Weightlifting Seminar
Chris Wilkes Olympic Weightlifting Seminar
Chris Wilkes Olympic Weightlifting Seminar
Chris Wilkes Olympic Weightlifting Seminar

When: May 24th, 9:00am-5:00pm

Where: CrossFit RVA
711-1 Hospital St.
Richmond, VA 23219

Cost: $150

CFRVA Member Cost: $100

Seminar Information
The following will be covered during the seminar:

  • The basics of the Snatch, Clean, and Jerk
  • Teaching progressions for the olympic lifts
  • Assistance exercises
  • Basic programming

The seminar will include periods of formal instruction alternating with small group hands-on instruction. All instruction will be provided by Coach Chris Wilkes, Cody Wilkes, Caine Wilkes, and Coard Wilkes.

About Chris Wilkes
Coach Wilkes has coached several School Age and Junior National Champions, as well as JR Pan AM Gold and Silver medalist. He has several nationally ranked lifters currently active in the sport, to include the 2008 Junior National Champion, and the 2008 Senior National silver medalist in the 105+ (superheavyweight) class. Coach Wilkes coaches the Air Force’s first World Class Athlete in 20+ years, Norm Fulk. Coach Wilkes’ team OBX Weightlifting was the ’07 American Open 1st place team and the ’08 National’s 2nd place team. Team OBX also has a very good and competitive master’s (over 35 years old) team with both Male and Female lifters.

Coard Wilkes
Coard is the current National Junior Champion in Olympic Weightlifting in the 94 kilo class. He is CrossFit Level 1 certified and has been training and teaching the Snatch and the Clean and Jerk for to past 8 years.

Coard plans on making it to the Junior World’s for Team USA and competing in Europe this summer.

Coard’s Best Lifts
-Snatch 145 kg (319 lbs)
-Clean And Jerk 178 kg (392 lbs)
-Back Squat 203 kg (447 lbs)
-Deadlift 232 kg (510 Lbs)

Cody Wilkes
Cody holds a Bachelor’s in Exercise Science from Old Dominion University and is CrossFit Level 1 certified.

He has been competing and teaching in Olympic Weightlifting for since 1999. Cody’s greatest achievement thus far in lifting has been bronze medalist at the 2007 American Open. He is also a USWA LWC referee.

Cody’s Best Lifts
-Snatch 137 kg (301 lbs)
-Clean and Jerk 170 kg (374 lbs)
-Back Squat 222 kg (488 lbs)
-Deadlift 250 kg (550 lbs)

What people had to say about our other seminars with Coach Chris Wilkes:

I have known Coach Chris Wilkes for several years in the sport of Olympic style weightlifting. Chris has great knowledge of fundamentals, core development and technique progressions in the teaching of the snatch, clean, the jerk and all the fundamental exercises needed to become a proficient Olympic style weightlifter. coach Wilkes has produced several national and international weightlifters and truly is an inspiration to our sport. I highly recommend anyone who has the chance be coached and or trained by coach Chris Wilkes.
-Mike Burgener of Mike’s Gym

Attending the Olympic Lifting seminar at CrossFitRVA under the supervision of Coach Wilkes and his team was definitely an eventful experience. It brought together a group of individuals with a wide range of skills all looking to improve on their lifts or to improve on their teaching skills and it proved to be a day worth of accomplishment. Being in the presence of people with the same passion and drive enabled me to achieve 2 PR’s in a matter of 20 minutes, a body weight overhead squat (115 lbs) and a 145lb clean & jerk. The most memorable part of the day for me was getting the opportunity to watch the Wilkes team perform their amazingly heavy lifts in front of us, including a 415lb clean&jerk. There is no doubt that I will be attending another seminar in the future, big thanks to CrossFit RVA and Chris Wilkes/team for a trip well worth it!
-Jeannie of Jeannie’s Beach CrossFit

The Chris Wilkes Olympic Lifting Seminar at CrossFit RVA was a great experience. I learned a lot, got some great hands-on experience under the guidance of not only Coach Wilkes but also 3 of his sons (who we also got to watch do some lifting—AMAZING!). I am hoping/planning to get my CrossFit certification in Olympic lifting at some point in time & I am sure this seminar will help me be better prepared for that weekend. I highly recommend this to anyone who’s even remotely interested in the O-lifts. Seriously, I drove roughly 600 miles round trip for the class, so if I say it’s worth it, I think that says all that needs to be said!
-Jen Patton