Upcoming Seminars


Just a heads up about our upcoming seminars for those who aren’t aware. Both are a great opportunity to access quality coaching in specific disciplines at a reasonable price. These seminars can provide you with skills and knowledge that can help your training significantly as you become a better and more well-rounded athlete. Take advantage of this!

Beast Skills Seminar

We will be hosting a seminar with Jim Bathurst of Beast Skills on April 26th. There will actually be two seminars, one for beginners, and one for more advanced trainees. Generally, you will qualify as “advanced” if you are comfortable with handstands, familiar with the rings and likely able to do consecutive muscle-ups. The seminars will be covering basic to advanced handstands, pressing, and ringwork, but more specifically:

    Beginner’s Seminar will cover the following:

  • Headstand
  • Handstand
  • Handstand Push-Up Variations
  • Elbow Lever
  • Front Lever
  • Back Lever
  • Muscle-Up
  • L-Sit
  • Pistol

    Advanced Seminar will cover the following:

  • Handstand Correction
  • One Arm Handstand Work
  • Handstand Walking
  • Handstand Presses
  • Advanced Handstand Push-Ups
  • Plance Work
  • Forward Roll on Rings
  • Backward Roll on Rings
  • Kip-Ups on Rings

Go here for sign-up and details
Price is $60, and goes up to $80 on April 1st, so sign-up soon!

Olympic Weightlifting Seminar with Coach Chris Wilkes

We are hosting another seminar with Coach Chris Wilkes, coach of the top weightlifting teams in the country, Team OBX. This is an all day seminar covering the proper performance of the Olympic lifts (Clean and Jerk/Snatch), as well as assistance exercises and basic programming. Along with Coach Wilkes will be his three sons, Cody, Coard, and Caine Wilkes assisting with instruction. All three are accomplished weightlifters with several years experience in coaching the Olympic lifts.

Go here for sign-up and more details
-Seminar cost is $150, with CrossFit RVA members receiving a discount before April 1st.