Saturday Team Workout


We’re going to try a little experiment. Well, not much of an experiment. You see, back in the Byrd Park Days, we used to do team and partner workouts all the time. When Matt, Brandon, and myself began doing CrossFit in 2006, we were simply looking for people who would come share in the experience of CrossFit with us, and part of that experience is working alongside someone else, who you know is going through exactly what you are. Partner and Team WODs seemed to fit the bill perfectly, and people enjoyed it. Saturday workouts became something to look forward to, not just a “make-up” day where a few people lazily plow through a workout.

The workouts will be just as varied as the workouts you see every other day of the week. We’ll try to keep it outside, and use tires, sandbags, sleds, and other fun stuff. Yes, the workouts will conintue to be at The Space. Maybe we’ll get back to the park one day?

Today’s WOD:

With a partner (or two, if necessary)

150 ft Tire Flips

Burpee/Pull-Up Station

150 ft Moving a bar loaded up to 75% of combined weight

Bear Crawl/High-Pull Station

150ft Sled Drag loaded to 50% of combined weight