WOD 9/10/09


Today’s WOD:

Power Snatch from the floor, 3×2 (90% of your 1RM)
Snatch Balance to Heavy Single

So, back to insulin, why is it bad? Okay, it’s not all bad. If it is regulated and released under normal physiologic conditions, it’s actually your friend. But like any friend (hormone), too much of a good thing is quite bad. Prolonged elevation of insulin levels (from, say, a lifelong grain heavy diet) can yield diabetes (type 2) via insulin resistance. Additionally, insulin resistance has been linked with chronic inflammation!

Now you might ask, isn’t inflammation a normal bodily function? Yes. It is. Especially after intense exercise such as the exercise you might find in a workout at CrossFit RVA, or any other affiliate for that matter. However, just as is the case with insulin, too much inflammation (chronic) is detrimental to your health. If you have been following the bouncing yellow ball, you’ve probably already put everything together. Grain heavy diets, which lead to elevated insulin levels, can yield insulin resistance, which in turn leads to chronic inflammation and poor body healing. What’s the importance of healing? Recovery, of course! Half of training is recovery and we absolutely want to maximize it.

Some of you may have seen Georgia’s comment from a couple days ago about the ease of Paleo/Zone dieting (thanks for stopping by, GA!). And to be quite honest, it really isn’t all that hard to do. But enough for now, we’ll save that for tomorrow. It’s almost fried-day! Hope you had a good day!