WOD 9/11/09


Today’s WOD:

It’s PR day again!

Pick a workout and get to it.

I thought about posting more badgers since you all seemed to love it so much last time, but instead, we’re going to continue down the nutrition road. One of these days, Jake is going to write us a nice long article on the paleo/zone diet, but until then, my short posts will have to tide you over.

We’ve discussed a few of the benefits of a paleo style diet, but how do we achieve it? Directly from CrossFit.com, “base your diet on garden vegetables, especially greens, lean meats, nuts and seeds, little starch, and no sugar.” What that quote basically says is eat things that are natural. Period. No processed goods, no canned or frozen foods, etc. Accomplishing this is actually quite simple. The next time you go to the grocery store, only buy things in the outside areas of the store. You’ll find that you’re walking through the vegetable, fruit, and meat sections. If you keep walking, you’ll probably end up next to the ice cream, but resist opening the freezer if you can!

We know that eating healthy isn’t easy and it is undoubtedly difficult to avoid delicious things like ice cream, bread, pasta, and booze. Heck, it’s downright hard to eat healthy when so many of our every day meal choices at restaurants include some type of processed carbohydrate. What I might suggest is slowly weening yourself off of the breads, pastas, and rice. We don’t expect you to go cold turkey on it, a few carbs won’t kill you. However, by reducing your processed grain intake, you’ll be rewarded with more energy, better recovery, and better workouts. What more could a CrossFitter want?!?