WOD 9/14/09


Welcome to the new week. The skill this week will be the front roll.

Today’s WOD:

We’ll be doing something a little different today. Today we’ll be holding an Olympic style weight lifting meet. We’ve been drilling both of the core lifts a lot lately, now’s your chance to show off how much your Clean and Jerk and Snatch have improved.

For the format, you get 3 attempts at each lift. Your score will be the max weight successfully lifted in each lift. For example, if you lift 185 lbs. in the Clean and Jerk and 135 lbs. in the Snatch, your score is 320. What lifters will typically do is pick a first weight that is close to their max, but a weight that can definitely be successfully lifted. The next lift should be a weight that is a little more than their current max (you are stronger now, aren’t you?) and the last lift should really push the limits.

Jake will be awarding medals to the best lifters in each weight class. Kidding. I just made that up. This is your chance to really show off your stuff. I expect to see a lot of big lifts on the board tomorrow! Good luck!