WOD 9/23/09


Today’s WOD:

Pull-Up Ladder

With a continuously running clock, complete 1 pull-up in the first minute, 2 pull-ups in the second minute, 3 in the third, 4 in the fourth, etc.

Now back to your regularly scheduled programming… Intensity. What is it? Power and speed. Ratchet up the intensity, get better workouts, right? Not exactly. In the athletic sense, intensity is the ability of the athlete to generate power over time. But can that power be improperly used? Why, yes, Spider-Man, it can.

Think of it this way, the more intense a workout gets, the more sloppy the technique gets. Push it far enough and there is total technique breakdown and we are left with an athlete that is moving in an unsafe fashion. Too intense, if you will. Your job as an athlete is to push the margins of your comfort zone, push hard without losing all technique.

Sound difficult to achieve? Yeah. It definitely is. But then, that’s why you’re under the supervision of a trained eye (read: trainer), right? Most of you all at the gym have the intensity thing down pat, but sometimes the reps start looking a little weak. Keep that in mind when a trainer hollers at you that you missed a rep. We love the intensity, but we want those movements done right!

All I’m trying to get at here is that you have to have both technique and intensity, they aren’t at odds with each other. Work out hard, but work out efficient! That’s the key to success at the space!