WOD 10/6/09

JakeTrainers, WODs

Today’s WOD:

Ring Dips

-Back squats as heavy as you can pull from the floor.

Fearless leader looking… fearless? I don’t think this photo needs any caption, to be quite honest. All I know is we need nights such as this one to happen with greater frequency.

As I stated yesterday, I’ve been zoning hard for over a week now. I’m sure some of you have an idea about what that means, but if anyone would like to sit down with me or Jake to discuss the benefits or implementation of the Zone diet, just grab either one of us. We can go over the theory of it as well as what to eat. If anyone would like to sit down to plan out a days or weeks worth of meals, I can do that with you too. And if you would like a sample day of meals for me, I’d be happy to send a list you what I’ve been eating.