WOD 10/12/09


Today’s WOD:

100 Chest to Bar (C2B) Pull-Ups


100M Tire Flip

Nikki and Elizabeth working their way through the agility ladder with Ashton and Dave S in the back. Do you know what the 10 elements of fitness for CrossFit are? The agility ladder actually hits quite a few of them.

For your link of the day, I’ve got a comparison between P90X and CrossFit. Now, you all are smart people, so you should always read articles on the internet with a critical eye. This article says some good things that I agree with, but the writer also calls the CrossFit Journal a scientific journal (it’s not). The CrossFit Journal is mostly a collection of opinions that are sometimes based on scientific evidence and statistics. Mind you, most are good opinions, but it’s still not truly “scientific”. Marinate on that article, post opinions, do your thing. I’ll let you know what I think about P90X tomorrow.