Last Broadview Ranch Sale of 2009


Some of you probably know that we have grass fed beef and acorn fed cows available to us through Broadview Ranch. One of our members works (is a partial owner?) at Broadview Ranch and he provided those awesome hamburgers at the cookout. In any case, Lee Atwood is our contact over there and has this for everyone:


This is the moment we have all been waiting for, the delicious acorn finished pork has arrived! We are very excited to be offering pork during our final sale of 2009 along with our Grass Fed and Finished Beef and our Pastured Poultry Eggs. I will tell you though that being our first year in the pork business the supply is limited so be sure to get your order in soon. Also, check out the blog later this week for some great posts detailing our first year of raising pigs.

This will be our final sale of 2009 on and we are excited to announce a new delivery location! This sale I will be bringing orders up to Washington DC on Sunday November 22nd, just in time for Thanksgiving. If you have friends or family there please pass this on, we’d love to meet them and get pork, beef and eggs to them when we are there. Richmond, Charlottesville, Roanoke and Lexington orders will be delivered on Saturday November 21st. Ordering for this sale will close on November 17th, but get your orders in now as pork supply will be limited.

The leaves are changing and the woods and fields are beautiful, if you’re looking for a great fall outing come on out and visit us. Just give us a call at 540 458 1001 or send us an email to setup a tour and remember we have farm fresh eggs everyday so feel free to come by and pick some up.

Thanks for all your support.

Josh Grizzle

If you would prefer to contact Lee, here is his information:
Lee Atwood

Buy some meat! It’s delicious, healthy, and paleo. Take it home as a gift to your folks or just eat it yourself!