Brian Apparel

I don’t know if everyone caught it in the newsletter that Jake just sent out, but he called me soft. Delicate. He’s just mad because I joke on his D&G glasses. Hater. However, if that were truth (it’s not), I could throw on a brand spankin’ new hooded sweatshirt with this image on the back (image forthcoming, will post it when I get home today).

The dark gray sweatshirts are going to have the logo on the back and a CrossFit RVA logo on the front. Don’t get caught without one. We will be taking PRE-ORDERS ONLY through 11/16. That’s in 5 days. The cost will be $30. If you want one, e-mail Jake or leave a note with us at the space specifying size and quantity if you want more than one. We will charge the same account that we have on file for your gym dues unless you tell us differently.