Remember the first time you set foot in our gym? Maybe it happened after following our website for days, maybe after watching us work out from afar, maybe after getting sucked into it by a friend. Whatever your reasons, wasn’t it a little scary? Like going to the first day of school?

Some of might be so well-adjusted that you weren’t phased in the slightest. If you fall into that category, you’re a freak. Who the heck is prepared for seeing a room full of people sweating and swearing and seeing weights clattering on the ground? Examine our gym from an outsider’s perspective. We can be an intimidating bunch. Except for Jake when he had long hair. Weirdo.

Seriously though, now that you’re part of our community, you know that we’re a bunch of goofy (normal?) people with health minded goals. It’s really nothing more than that. We have fun, we work out, then we have more fun. Don’t you want others to be able to share in that experience without being scared off? Reach out to new people that walk through the door. Show them what a great group we are. Don’t let them walk off scared because that is not what we are.

Anyone have anything to add? Who/what made you feel welcome at our gym? Do you come back because you only care about your own health or because you enjoy working out with like-minded people? Post your thoughts to comments if you’ve got any.