CrossFit RVA Open House/Free Workout


Come out to see CrossFit RVA’s new location and try a free group class! CrossFit RVA is a gym dedicated to developing extremely fit, well-rounded trainees. We train in groups of 5-15 athletes, always with instruction from a qualified trainer. We provide trainees with all the necessary tools to achieve their fitness goals; not just a gym to work out in, but exercise programming, proper instruction to ensure safe and efficient movement, and a fun, competitive atmosphere that focuses on progress and consistency.

Our workouts are short and intense, but are always adjusted to meet each individual’s fitness level. CrossFit has been used extensively by not only military, fire, and police, but people looking to improve their fitness level and quality of life. We provide an alternative to those who have tried the other gyms but never got the results they were looking for.

Come by any time between 11am and 4pm to check out our facility and try a workout for free. We’re located at 113 South Foushee (the street right before 1st), between Canal and Cary.