CrossFit RVA Performance Nutrition Challenge


We’re going to be holding a “Performance Nutrition Challenge” beginning 2/1/10.

First, why?

I don’t know of anyone in the gym who can’t benefit from an improved diet. To put it simply, you spend at most 5-7 hours a week in the gym, but what you do with the other 160+ hours a week is just as important. I’ll let this post I made awhile back talk on that a little further.

The point is, proper nutrition will make you look, feel, and perform better. There’s no way around it. But, we want you to look, feel, and perform at your highest, and the Performance Nutrition Challenge will give you an opportunity to start looking at your diet a little more closely, while at the same time giving you some people to do it with. So, if you aren’t performing as well as you would like, or haven’t lost the weight you had hoped for, give it a try.


8 weeks in length, beginning 2/1/10. Long enough to see good gains, but not so long that it seems insurmountable.

Method: We’ll be sending all the participants general nutrition guidelines. The Performance Nutrition Challenge will not be won by whoever adheres most strictly to the guidelines, but by who sees the most gains. More on that below. We aren’t adhering to any one particular diet. We’ll be using our own set of guidelines, but the general gist is hormonal control/quality foods, and then controlling food quantity if need be. Each of you is a little different, and you all have different goals; these guidelines will take into account individual differences and needs.

Measure: We’ll be measuring start weight and end weight, in addition to performing a benchmark workout both at the beginning and end of the Challenge. The only requirement during the challenge is for each participant to make at least one weekly update on how things are going, thoughts, concerns. We’ll provide a place on the site for it.

Prize: Every participant will contribute $10 to a pot. We’ll select one male and one female winner, based on the average of the percentage decrease in weight and time on the benchmark workout. Each winner will get half the pot plus one month of free CrossFit. Not bad eh?

To join up, just talk to us at the gym over the course of the next 2 weeks, and drop off your $10. We’ll be sending out weekly e-mails to participants, posting nutrition articles, and providing a place on the site for participants to discuss issues and update us on their progress. We’ll do everything we can to help you get where you want to be.