Nutrition Challenge Update/Open House/Sweatshirts


Performance Nutrition Challenge

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about the upcoming Performance Nutrition Challenge. That’s great, it looks like we’ll have many people participating, and that’s the whole goal here – to get many of you guys eating better.

First, we’ll be using body fat measurements using the skin fold test instead of weight. I realized before we announced it that weight wasn’t the ideal measurement, but I figured you guys wouldn’t want to do a skin fold test. Well, turns out you don’t mind, so that’s what we’ll be doing.

Second, early next week, we’ll post the nutrition guidelines for the Challenge. The recommendations will be specific, but not adhering to any particular diet. They will also take into account different goals/needs. If you’re in this to lean out slightly and increase performance, you may need to do things a little differently than if you need to lose 50 pounds.

Open House

If you can bring anything to the post-Open House par-tay, please do. We’re supplying the beef. DP is taking money for a keg. We’ll also need buns, condiments, and side dishes (we really need side dishes). Post to comments what you can bring.


If your name isn’t on this list, then I don’t have your sweatshirt order:

Melissa G.

I had some computer issues, and lost a few names.