WOD 02/25/10


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Today’s WOD:

Max Deadlift

Deadlift will either be performed from a raised height (bar will start approx. 18″ off the ground) with lifting straps allowed, or with an axle. More advanced trainees will use the bar w/ straps, less advanced will use the axle. Cutoff for advanced is 400# for guys, 200# for girls.

Strongman Style WOD

2 Rounds:

Odd Object Carry, 100′ (Sandbag or Keg)
Hand Over Hand Sled pull, 35′
Odd Object Clean and Press, 3 reps (50′ Sandbag, 85# Axle, 100# Log, or 145# log)
Dumbbell Clean and press, 3 Reps each arm

*All weights will be adjusted to fit the individual trainees strength levels. Rx’d weights will be posted at the gym.

New Schedule
Alright ladies and gentlemen, as most of you are already aware, CFRVA will be switching over to a brand spankin’ new schedule starting next Monday, 03/01/10. All evening classes will be run on the hour starting at 4PM with the last class starting at 7PM. In addition to the shift in evening classes, we are opening up our schedule to run 6AM, 10AM, and 12PM classes every day. We want to offer everyone more opportunities to come in to train with us and we will do our best to accommodate all. Click the schedule link above if you need it.

Advanced CrossFit Class
The one stipulation for the evening classes is that the 6PM class is for advanced trainees only. Requirements for advanced trainees will be made available to all in the coming weeks. It should suffice to say if you have been CrossFitting regularly (read: consistently) with us for at least a year, you will likely meet many of the training requirements. We expect you to be strong and fast and will test your abilities in a variety of ways.

CrossFit Endurance
Training for the 10K? Like running for distance? Training for a biathlon or triathlon? RVA Endurance may be for you. In addition to normal CrossFit classes, we are offering an endurance program every Tuesday and Thursday at 6AM. Keep in mind the endurance program is not designed to replace CrossFit, but to supplement it. In any case, we invite you to check it out and allow us to make you better endurance athletes!

Change We Can Believe In
Bad joke. We want to continue to offer the best product possible to every single one of you. We want to identify your weaknesses and make them strengths. We know it’s going to take a bit to adjust to the changes that we are making. Continue to offer us feedback and we continue to offer the highest quality service we can. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to post away or just get with us at the gym. See everyone out there!