WOD 02/26/10


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Today’s WOD:

Fight Gone Bad

3 Round workout. 5 minute rounds with 1 minute rest between rounds. 5 stations. 1 minute per station. Score is total reps.

1. Wall Balls (20#)
2. Sumo Deadlift High Pulls (75#)
3. Box Jumps (20″)
4. Push Presses (75#)
5. Row for calories

The clock does not stop between exercises. On a call of “rotate”, athletes must quickly make their way to the next station and commence immediately.

Last completed on 06/26/09 and 01/16/09 before that.

This is the only appropriate song for this WOD.

Flexibilty and Mobility Class

At CrossFit RVA, we will be offering a Flexibility/Mobility class that draws inspiration from Yoga. The class will run Tuesday nights at 6pm. Gaynell Lyman will be our new Mobility instructor, and she will use a blend of Ashtanga and Iyengar styles. Ashtanga is a high-energy, athletic style and Iyengar focuses on precision and alignment. This blend of styles is a powerful combination for CrossFit athletes, because it combines balance, flexibility, strength and endurance. One of the reasons Gaynell looks forward to working with Crossfit athletes is to help you enhance your performance by restoring flexibility. During her time with you Gaynell will work to open joints and loosen the muscles that restrict your movement and slow you down. She will also work through some preliminary poses that relate to the more challenging elements of your Crossfit workouts.

Advanced Standards

You must complete 7/10 of the following to qualify for the Advanced Class. E-mail me (Jake) your exact numbers for the following criteria.

  Guys Girls
Pulling Muscle-Ups 5 Pull-Ups
HSPU 5, Full ROM 5, 2 Abmat
Double Unders 100 in 5 Minutes 100 in 5 Minutes
2k Row 7:30 8:40
Snatch BWx.75 BWx.5
Press BWx.75 BWx.5
Clean and Jerk BWx1 BWx.75
Deadlift BWx2 BWx1.25
Back Squat BWx1.5 BWx1
400M Run 1:15 1:25