Olympic Weightlifting Seminar with Wilkes Weightlifting

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Seminar Flyer

This full day Seminar is 7 hours and includes classroom instruction and hands-on coaching in the Olympic lifts. The Snatch is taught for 3.5 hours, followed by lunch, then 3.5 hours on the Clean and Jerk. Coach Wilkes will go over the stages of each lift and practice skills and drills that produce better lifters, increasing efficiency in CrossFit training and general strength and conditioning programs. In the Seminar the progression of the the lifts are taught for safety and a heavy emphasis on technique. There will also be full lifting during each portion.

Be prepared to train hard during the seminar; the best way to learn the lifts is to practice the full movements under the eyes of an experienced coach. The seminar will be designed to aid both the beginning lifter looking to learn more about the lifts and the basic teaching progression, and also the experienced lifter with need for detailed technique correction.

Cost: $157

CrossFit RVA members pay a discounted price of $127, click here to pay.

“I thought it was great. I took a tremendous amount of information and technique away from it, which was helped by the fact that I had never done snatches before and have only been exposed to C&Js a few times during WODs at the affiliate. For that reason, I was very interested in getting some instruction from people like you and your sons (since I hadn’t had a chance to develop any bad habits) and having the chance to ask questions from experts (our trainers are L1 certified, but have not to my knowledge been exposed to any professional Oly lifting instruction). I thought your mix of lecture and practical application was right on, and the way you handled progressions was just right. It was extremely helpful, I thought, to have your sons available to work with the small groups. No doubt much of the benefit of the instruction would have been lost had we had to rely on a single instructor to make the rounds among 15 students this weekend. It was a job well done, and I’m hopeful that someday we might be able to bring you up to Quantico to offer some of the same instruction to a core group of our more dedicated CrossFitters. Vince and I appreciated you and your sons making yourselves available to us on this holiday weekend. Thanks and Semper Fidelis!”
-Rich of CrossFit Quantico

“I have known Coach Chris Wilkes for several years in the sport of Olympic style weightlifting. Chris has great knowledge of fundamentals, core development and technique progressions in the teaching of the snatch, clean, the jerk and all the fundamental exercises needed to become a proficient Olympic style weightlifter. Coach Wilkes has produced several national and international weightlifters and truly is an inspiration to our sport. I highly recommend anyone who has the chance be coached and or trained by Coach Chris Wilkes.”
-Mike Burgener of Mike’s Gym

“I have been to 3 of Coach Wilkes’ seminars in Richmond; each has been better than the previous one. He brings his sons (who are all accomplished lifters) along for additional instruction (and some exhibition). At the last one on May 24, 2009, it had been more than 2 months since I did any regular Olympic lifting (I focused on Turkish Get-Ups, pull-ups, and kettlebell snatches). I snatched 85# consistently (a PR, as I have only snatched twice previously, at both of the other seminars), I clean & jerked 135# (most weight I’ve put overhead to date), and I cleaned (at the end of the day) 185# (again, a PR). The price and the instruction are both excellent. Looking forward to the next one, Coach!”
-Jason of CrossFit RVA

“Attending the Olympic Lifting seminar at CrossFitRVA … Being in the presence of people with the same passion and drive enabled me to achieve 2 PR’s in a matter of 20 minutes, a body weight overhead squat (115 lbs) and a 145lb clean & jerk. The most memorable part of the day for me was getting the opportunity to watch the Wilkes team perform their amazingly heavy lifts in front of us, including a 415lb clean&jerk. There is no doubt that I will be attending another seminar in the future, big thanks to CrossFit RVA and Chris Wilkes/team for a trip well worth it!”
-Jeannie of Jeannie’s Beach CrossFit