WOD 03/30/10


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Today’s WOD:



10 Knees to Elbows
15 Mountain Climbers (4 Count)

Last completed on 10/27/09.

This picture requires no captions.

Manning the website has its perks. I get to make fun of whoever I want with minimal backlash. That’s not fair to you, so I’m linking you to pictures of me in a onesie. Enjoy (?).

On a much more serious note, we know you are highly mobile individuals and can’t come in to the gym as often as you’d like. We want to see you every night, but recognize your schedules don’t always mesh. We know that it’s especially hard to work out when you’re on the road and not close to an affiliate. Now I’m making it so you have no excuse to not work out. Travel WODs courtesy of Eva T posted by CrossFit Broward and some more road WODs from CrossFit North Atlanta. There will likely be some overlap, I didn’t go through the lists with a fine tooth comb.