WOD 04/12/20


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Today’s WOD:

Push Press


100 Push-Ups

John G and Nikki O are throwing a post-nutrition challenge party at the gym on Wednesday. Everyone is invited. Be sure to post to comments on the event page so they know how much food to get!

There have been lots of people out at the gym lately, which we always like to see. You’re learning new skills, making your way through progressions of all types, and lifting increasingly heavy things. But I’ve got a question for you: can you remember what your 1 rep max is for the deadlift? How about your 3 rep and 5 rep max? It’s impressive if you can, but can you remember those numbers for your back squat, front squat, clean, snatch, blah blah blah. You must some kind of savant if you remember all those numbers and we haven’t even talked about benchmark WODs. Any time we have a repeat workout, we’ll link back to it for you for ease of comparison. Post your times or weights lifted to comments every day! Or keep a log book. Do one or both of those things and you’ll breathe easier knowing that your achievements are penned in for eternity, or at least until you set a new PR. See you at the gym!