WOD 05/04/10


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Today’s WOD:

30 Pull-Ups
30 Lateral Jumps
300M Row
40 Push-Ups
40 Box Jumps
400M Run
50 Push Presses (45#/25#)
50 Double Unders
500M Row

Confidence in sport.

No Flexibility and Mobility class today. If you show up, you’re foam rolling and stretching on your own (which you should be doing every day anyways).

Weightlifting Etiquette 101

Okay, you’re on a platform setting up to lift. Let’s say you’re about to go for a PR in the snatch because it’s my favorite lift and I get to write about whatever I want. You’re dialed in, you’ve got the hook grip locked, bar over the laces, big chest, deep breath… someone just walked on your platform behind you (or in front of you through your line of sight). Insert expletive. Your mojo is totally ruined, you have to reset and refocus and you miss the lift anyways. Expletive again.

It doesn’t matter what lift you’re doing, when your focus is disrupted, it is unnerving. Please remain aware of people that are lifting around you. Let them finish their lift, you can wait a couple seconds. Furthermore, you shouldn’t be walking around close to someone who is about to lift something heavy, what if they miss their lift? Do you want to get smashed by hundreds of pounds of bumper and barbell? No. Stay aware of your surroundings at the gym, let people focus ONLY on their lift, and keep yourself safe. See you at the gym (but not on my platform when I’m lifting)!