WOD 05/13/10


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Today’s WOD:



400M Run
25 Burpees
10 Sit-Ups

If you look closely, you can see the numbers on my arm and that is why Jake and I are no longer friends.

Of course, we participated in more than one affiliate WOD over the weekend, but I’m holding off on posting recap part deux so you can marinate on part one. Suckers. Instead, I want you to learn about fuzzy wuzzy the bear. Except there’s no bear and there is a lot of fuzz. Be warned, there is a cadaver in the video. If that upsets you, just close your eyes and listen to the soothing sound of Dr. Hedley’s voice. The video is about the importance of flexibility and mobility (don’t we have someone who helps us with this every Tuesday?) and engaging in some self myofascial release. Enjoy.