WOD 06/30/10


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Today’s WOD:

Overhead Squat


6 Rounds:
1 Minute Back Squat (115#/75#)
1 Minute Ring Dips
1 Minute Rest

Score is the total number of reps completed.

Speaking of challenges, how often do you challenge yourself at the gym? More specifically, how many days a week do you train? Do you have any idea about how often you should be exercising in order to improve your health (I define this by getting Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger)? I’ll give you a hint, it’s more than the 1 or 2 times a week that you’ve been making it in. You might think you’re coming in more than that, but be honest with yourself. I know the truth (and I have attendance lists). Do something good for yourself this summer and commit to AT LEAST 4 days a week. Five is better, but I can accept four.