Performance Nutrition Challenge 2


On August 30th, our next Performance Nutrition Challenge will begin. Our last PNC was extremely successful – those who stuck with for the entire 8 weeks saw significant performance and body composition changes. With 20+ participants last time, we’re hoping to get even more RVA trainees involved, and see even more progress.

Simply put, most of us at the gym could benefit greatly from taking a step back to look at how our diet influences our performance and general well-being. Here’s a chance to do so with the support of a community. We’ll also be providing information and resources to the PNC participants to help you make wise food decisions. We’ll routinely publish articles, links, and and recipes to the site.

The Performance Nutrition Challenge is geared towards increasing your performance on your workouts through improved nutrition. Ultimately, your goals are your own; some of you need to simply clean up your diet to feel and perform better, others made need to lose fat, and again some may need to put on some mass to perform optimally. We’ll do our best to address the wide spectrum of needs and concerns.

Over the next week, we’ll being to post specific suggestions and ways you can begin preparing for our next PNC.

The rules for this Performance Nutrition Challenge will be fairly simple.

1) The PNC will last 8 weeks (8/30-10/25).

2) The measure for this Challenge will be entirely performance-based. No scales, no bodyfat measurements. The measure will be a benchmark workout to be completed at the start (August 30th) and finish ( October 25th). We will allow make-ups within a week of each scheduled workout.

3) To participate, each person must contribute $10 to a pot. Drop off cash, or ask Jake to charge $10 to your account. You must sign-up on or before the initial testing date (8/30).

4) The entire pot will go to the trainee with the greatest percentage improvement in time on their benchmark workout. A CrossFit RVA T-shirt and recognition in the post-PNC write up will go to the fastest male and female.

If you have any questions, post them here! One of us will give you a hand.