WOD 08/30/10

Brian WODs

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Today’s WOD:

800M Run
70 Push-Ups
60 Box Jumps
50 Pull-Ups
40 Wall Balls
30 Burpees
20 Sandbag Get Ups
10 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls

For those of you participating in PNC 2, welcome to nutrition town. I won’t lie to you, you’ve got a couple of tough weeks ahead of you, but if you make it through the initial wall, you’ll be better for it. For those of you that are apprehensive (stealing from John), it’s 8 freaking weeks of your life. Suck it up. We’ll be posting recipes and encouraging words along the way, but take advantage of your greatest asset: all those great people in our community participating in PNC 2 with you. Get active on the message board and post things that are working for you and things that aren’t. Be like a hive mind.

Today’s WOD is the benchmark for our challenge, so don’t sandbag it. We expect maximum output today (and every day). If we suspect that you are sandbagging your workout, you will forfeit your money and be removed from the challenge.

See you out there, nutritionistas!