WOD 09/02/10


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Today’s WOD:

5x500M Rows with 2 minute recoveries between efforts

For those of you who are PNC 2ing, I want you to be aware of some things. When you switch off of a high carb diet, it takes your body at least a week and a half (really, this is closer to two weeks) to adjust to the new ratio of macronutrients. For us, this typically this means shifting to using fat as a primary energy source. This is not an overnight process; don’t expect it to be. Stay strong and grind it out. We’ll be posting more recipes and meal ideas to help you guys, but let those creative juices flow with your cooking!

I stumbled on this site on Tuesday and this link is a great start to setting yourself up to be successful in a paleo kitchen. Maybe your weekend homework should be to get some of these items.