Broadview Ranch Meat Pick-Up

Jake Rowell Events

CrossFIt RVA has organized a monthly meat pick-up from Broadview Ranch! Broadview Ranch is a quality, local farm, supplying grassfed beef

To order, head to the Broadview Ranch website, and during checkout, select CrossFit RVA under the shipping portion. All orders must be placed by Thursday, October 21.

Pick-up will be after the 9am class on October 23rd (10-11am)

From their site:

Our cows are raised on pastures, moving every day to a fresh paddock with all the green forage they can eat and fresh water from our wells and springs. By moving the animals all together in a tight herd using electric fences, we simulate the grazing buffalo herds that once roamed this land. In this way the cows enhance the pastures by pruning, fertilizing and aerating all in one day which is how they were designed to be grazed. Because of this all natural diet, our beef is lower in bad cholesterol and higher in good Omega-3 fats, which can lower cholesterol and reduce the risk of cancer, than store bought grain fed beef. Our cows never eat grain or animal products, just what grows in the field, and they never get hormones or antibiotics just a couple of vaccines to keep their eyes and lungs healthy the same way we do.