WOD 03/23/11


crossfit, fitness, gym, richmond, girls
crossfit, fitness, gym, richmond, girls
Today’s WOD:

10 minutes of double under practice


4 Hang Power Snatches (95#/65#)
8 Jumping Lunges

Advanced WOD:

Clean & Jerk
4×2 @ 65%


10 minutes of skin the cat, front and back lever practice

We’re not entirely sure how he did it, but John B managed to snap a barbell at the collar end. There were parts on the floor that we had to locate and it was actually kind of cool looking on the inside of the barbell. This is the aftermath. Seems like a good bar to do some virtual shoveling. Sike. Virtual shoveling is the worst exercise ever. Old school RVAer’s know what I’m talking about.