WOD 08/24/11

Jake WODs

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Today’s WOD:

Front Squat
3×1 @ 90%


9 Minutes of:
15 Seconds Plank Hold Front
15 Seconds Rest
15 Seconds Plank Hold Right Side
15 Seconds Rest
15 Seconds Plank Hold Left
15 Seconds Rest

3 Position Clean (Floor, Knee, Mid-Thigh)
2 @ 65%, 3 @ 70%
Push Press
Challenging 5×5, 5 work sets, adjust weight as necessary

Any time someone talks about beast mode, this song comes to mind.

And speaking of “beast” things, Jim Bathurst of Beast Skills is coming back to Richmond to do a seminar at CFRVA. Don’t dilly dally on signing up if you want to get some good gymnastic and body weight movement tutelage; these seminars sell out quickly. Jim will be running a beginner and advanced seminar for folks that are just starting out with body weight movements and the people that have a little more experience with gymnastic style movements. Check out the things he’ll be covering in each seminar and sign up here.