PNC IV: Team Edition

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You guys are all suckers for a good challenge, why else would you be training with us? January ’12 brings the Performance Nutrition Challenge IV. This time, we’re going to make things a little more interesting; you’ll all do this in teams!

Our next Performance Nutrition Challenge will begin January 9th (testing week), with the good eating starting the 16th. It will run for 8 weeks, and will be a challenge in the true sense of the word.

Cost will be $40, sign-up sheets will be at the gym

$150 will go to the top individual male and top individual female

$75 will go to each member of the winning team, with plenty of public recognition and bragging to go along with it

Winners will be determined by a combination of percentage improvement on the benchmark workout and percentage improvement in body composition. The winning team will be determined by an average of the same number. That means if anyone drops off, they’ll be bringing down the entire team!

We want you to know fully how dedicated, substantial changes to the way you eat can affect your performance and well-being. We’re setting up some specific criteria with the hopes that you will leave the Challenge faster, leaner, and with a better understanding of how food impacts your performance and health.

    The Method:

  • No Grains
  • No Sugar
  • No Dairy
  • No Legumes

All teams will consist of 6 members. You’ll have the option to form your own teams, but it’s completely OK so sign-up individually. We’ll assign teams for those folks.

-Each team will have a Team Captain, responsible for setting up either a Facebook group, e-mail list, or something similar. We want you guys communicating on a regular basis. Team Captain will also keep up with the members, and make sure everyone is staying on track. Teams will select their own captains.

Food logs will be mandatory. Logs will be built into the PNC packets. Logs will be traded off with another member of your team once per week. You’ll take a few minutes to trade logs, look them over, talk about challenges, and provide written feedback in the other person’s log book. Doesn’t have to be critical – you guys can exchange recipes, make suggestions, whatever helps keep you accountable and on track!

-All initial body fat testing will be done the week of January 9th. This must be done on three different days.

-The initial test workout will be January 9th during all of the workouts.

-The 8 weeks of awesome eating will be from 1/16-3/11.

-The retest of the benchmark workout will be March 12th, and your final three bodyfat tests will be that week as well.

Sign-up sheets will be available at the desk this week! Please post any questions below