CrossFit RVA Gym Etiquette

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As you all know, we love to post pictures off chalk explosions and loaded bars that have been left out after class. While we may do it because we firmly believe in public shaming, there’s a larger point that is often missed with such posts. There’s something to be said for proper etiquette in daily life and in the gym. Unfortunately, today, both instances seem to be forgotten far too often. In this brief article you’ll read the steps to help keep Crossfit RVA clean, tidy, and an enjoyable place to train.

Be on time (wait for the instructor to start class).

Please be on time for class. Actually, this should read, be early to class. Far too often people roll into the 5:30pm class at 5:30pm after the warmup has been explained or after people are already lined up for the instruction period. We understand sometimes you get held up and traffic stinks. It’s okay. If you are late, get through as much of the warm up and hop into the lines with your PVC pipe with everyone else.

Lastly, wait for the instructor to start class. Congrats, you’re on time! However, the flow can be messed up just as much as being late, if you decide to start the GROUP warm-up before the class actually begins. We have a lot of new members that don’t understand some of the warm-up movements. It makes it difficult to know that everyone is on the same page if we do not start together. Besides, sometimes we make changes to what is written on the board.

Pay attention. Be Respectful.

Our evening classes get very large. Again, we have lot new members that may not understand what all of the workout movements are or even mean! Please don’t get into lines and talk with your buddies while an instructor is going over the format of the workout and demoing the movements. Be respectful of the instructor and your fellow crossfitters. Whether you’ve been here for three months or three years, YOU NEED INSTRUCTION! If you need to have that important conversation, TAKE IT TO THE LOUNGE, and continue it quietly. That last statement goes for whether you’re participating in the current class, just finished the previous, or are just here early to do some supplemental work.

Clean up after yourself.

When a workout is over and you get your scores to the whiteboard, PLEASE put away the equipment that you’ve used. Don’t assume someone else is going to just use your band or your bar loaded up to 275#! The same goes for the gym member in the back the wants to work on his/her olympic lifts. When you’re done, PUT IT AWAY. PUT EVERYTHING AWAY! It hurts my soul to watch someone from the 7:30pm class take it upon themselves to put away YOUR toys. To those 7:30pm heroes, THANKS!!!!!

Equipment isn’t the only thing you need to be responsible for while you’re here! Make sure all of your trash is disposed of and anything else you’ve used is put back where it belongs. This includes the awesome and expertly torn scrap pieces of paper used to keep track of rounds and reps in a workout! Throw away your water bottle if you have a plastic bottle. Please take your personal bottles home with you. If a bottle is left on the desk, it’s trash. I just threw away three bottles while typing this.

If you’re going to make a protein shake using the sink in the bathrooms or water fountains, please wash them out. Nobody wants to use a sink or drink from a fountain that has 3lbs of whey all over it. If you’re mixing something over a trashcan, wipe it down as well. See the above sentence regarding whey protein!

You’re not the only person using the bathrooms or shower! Please flush the toilets when you’re done. I thought we all learned this at age 3. Boys, don’t throw trash in the urinal! Ladies, while fixing your hair, please don’t leave it in the sink. If you require the use of toilet paper, and during the course of said usage a small scrap falls on the floor, pick it up. While washing your hands, if you should require the use of five gallons of water and are unable to keep it all in the sink, please wipe up the excess water and make sure your paper towel finds it way completely into the trash can. If you need to clean up after a workout for work, please take all of your products with you. Do not leave anything in the shower. Also, wipe up the excess water.

We all love this place. The staff works hard to try make sure every member is getting the best product and cleanest facility possible. Let’s all work together to help make sure all these things are done!

See you at the gym!