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Our next Performance Nutrition Challenge will begin soon! It’s been a long time since we’ve done a PNC, and we think that the gym is ready to rededicate themselves to eating well to improve gym performance and body composition.


  • Bodyfat Tests: Week of 9/8
  • Test Workout: 9/11, during all regular workouts.
  • 6 Weeks of Awesome Eating: 9/15-10/27.
  • Bodyfat Retests: Week of 10/27
  • Retest Workout: 10/30, during all regular workouts


$40 per person. We’ll bill the account you have on file.


All teams will consist of 4-6 members. You’ll have the option to form your own teams, but it’s completely OK to sign-up individually. We’ll assign teams for those folks. Everyone must sign-up at the front desk by Monday, 9/8.


$100 will go to each member of the winning team, with plenty of public recognition and bragging to go along with it. No individual prizes this time. It’s all about how you can help make your team successful!


We want you to know fully how dedicated, substantial changes to the way you eat can affect your performance and well-being. We’re setting up some specific criteria with the hopes that you will leave the Challenge faster, leaner, and with a better understanding of how food impacts your performance and health.

60% of Score: Body composition percentage improvement:

This number is averaged across all members for the team score.

Body composition will be measured using the bioelectrical impedance (BIA) scale.
Again, you will be responsible for testing yourself, although we will be available to assist with the testing process. Instructions will be printed to make as easy as possible. Please treat this test just like the bod pod test, meaning no food or water within a couple hours of the test as hydration levels greatly affect the test.
Please treat this test just like the bod pod test, meaning no food or water within a couple hours of the test as hydration levels greatly affect the test.

40% of Score: Workout score percentage improvement:

Performance will be measured via a workout. The workout will be:


20 Minute AMRAP
5 Pull-Ups
10 Push-Ups
15 Squats

We want all of our members to look great and feel great, but our number one goal is a higher level of fitness. The workout will test multiple aspects of fitness. For the legitimacy of testing, no sandbagging the first workout in hopes of achieving a better percentage improvement. Also, if there’s any scaling needed on the first workout, you must complete the second workout using the same scaling methods, even if they are no longer necessary. Again, make sure to record any notes on scaling methods.

We’ll record scores, but it is ultimately your responsibility to record it.


We found the compliance tracking to be cumbersome. You’re all adults, do this PNC because you’re prepared to follow the rules of the challenge, without needing to earn points! We’ve done several (6) of these in the past, and we have a great success rate for those who stick with the prescription.

    • Follow the METHOD listed below. Don’t cheat. It’s only 6 weeks.
    • Be active daily.

This includes:

      • Training at the gym. CrossFit, Yoga, Endurance.
      • Training outside of the gym, moderate to high intensity. Bodyweight circuits, jumping rope, sprinting.Minimum of 10 minutes.
      • Foam rolling, stretching, active recovery. Minimum of 10 minutes.
      • Low-moderate intensity exercise. Running, biking, hiking. Minimum of 30 minutes.

Does not include:

    • Activity accumulated through routine function. Example: Walking to your car.


No Grains

  • Digestive processes didn’t evolve to maximize the effectiveness of grain consumption
  • Large insulin response
  • Gluten sensitivity/”leaky gut”
  • Anti-nutrients (Lectins, Phytates)

No Sugar (including added artificial sweeteners*)

  • Carbohydrates elicit a physiological response that favors fat storage.
  • As with grains, the concern with added sugar is the insulin response.

No Dairy

  • Paleo/Primal grey area. Not something the “experts” can agree on either way.
  • As with sugar and grains, large insulin response.
  • Similarities between casein (milk protein) and gluten
  • Widespread lactose sensitivity
  • Some believe it is pro-inflammatory
  • Ditch it during the Challenge. Reintroduce it after the Challenge (if you want), and see how it affects your health and performance.

No Legumes

  • Another grey area.
  • Like grains, presence of phytates and lectins
  • Some believe can cause autoimmune issues
  • Gut irritation
  • Large carb content relative to protein. Not a great source of protein.


We’ll put out weekly posts, articles, and a facebook group for general information. The week before the challenge begins, we’ll supply some initial info to help you prepare, including a basic recipe book. You can always ask us if you have any questions.

We also have some great resources available to help make the challenge easier!

-fED provides pre-made Paleo/PNC friendly meals. Order online by Wednesday at 1pm, and meals are delivered on Sunday.

Harvest Box
-Harvest Box delivers quality meat and produce to the gym weekly! Order online, orders due Monday, 9pm for Thursday delivery.