Roy F.’s Performance Nutrition Challenge testimonial

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We asked Roy Fuller to provide some feedback on his experiences with the PNC. These are his answers:

CFRVA: Why did you choose to do the PNC?

ROY: I chose to do my first PNC challenge shortly after I joined CrossFit RVA. I was really enjoying the workouts and I was seeing great results but hadn’t considered the effects of my diet. Since I was new to CrossFit I was constantly hearing about the paleo or caveman diet. I was intrigued by it and the PNC challenge seemed like a great way to explore a different type of nutrition without going at it alone.

CFRVA: How was your experience with your PNC Team?

ROY: Unfortunately, since I was brand new to CrossFit RVA I didn’t really know my team. I had a few chats with others from my team but definitely approached it more as an individual. In hindsight I should have been more proactive myself and attempted to reach out to everyone (which I plan to do this challenge). However, it was still a very positive experience. I would definitely recommend staying in close communication with your team to increase accountability and help make meal preparation more manageable.

CFRVA: What changes did you see in your body/performance?

ROY: I don’t recall my exact results but I believe I lost around 2% body fat and increased my test workout (Cindy modified with ring rows) by 2 rounds. So, I saw a pretty significant change for such a short amount of time.

CFRVA: What would you say to someone who was on the fence about joining the PNC?

ROY: I would say “what do you have to lose?” If you’ve never eaten paleo before it’s a great way to try it out with the support of others. If you say you don’t have the time for meal preparation there is always fED which has some excellent meals. If you stick with the diet and stay consistent with your workouts you will definitely see great results. And, you could even win some money! So in my mind there really aren’t any excuses not to do the challenge.

The new, improved PNC focuses on quality, quantity, and timing tailored to your Lean Body Mass and activity levels. This will be a unique opportunity to dial in on your nutrition and adopt eating habits that are sustainable for the long run. Spots are limited! Sign up here today: Sign-up sheet or sign-up with any instructor during regular group classes.