Amanda E’s Performance Nutrition Challenge testimonial

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Though Amanda Elliot is no longer at our gym, she was part of the winning team for PNC VII and still very enthusiastic about the program overall. Here’s what she had to say:

CFRVA: Why did you choose to do the PNC?

AMANDA: I chose to do PNC as motivation to start eating healthy. I had always exercised regularly, but I had never exercised proper self-control when it came to food. Due to this lack of self-control, I had never achieved my personal physical fitness goals.

CFRVA: How was your experience with your PNC Team?

AMANDA: My PNC team was awesome! We kept up a competitive spirit throughout the challenge and maintained realistic goals. Knowing that I was a part of a team helped me remain motivated and accountable for my overall progress and food choices.

CFRVA: What changes did you see in your body/performance?

AMANDA: I experienced huge changes in my body/performance. I became leaner, my body fat dropped a couple of percentages, I didn’t experience fatigue during the day anymore and my overall physical ability improved. My energy level also increased significantly.

CFRVA: What would you say to someone who was on the fence about joining the PNC?

AMANDA: Go for it. Nothing negative will come out of doing PNC. It’s an opportunity to join a team of people with the same goals as you and to receive motivation to eat right so that you achieve your physical fitness goals. It’s not easy and does take a lot of self-control, but afterward you will feel more confident, stronger and have an overall satisfaction of knowing that you pushed through and were able to complete the challenge.

Amanda spoke a bit about self-control and we want to reiterate the importance of building discipline with nutrition but also point out the ways the new, improved PNC will help you maintain compliance. We’ve only eliminated added sugar and wheat. We’ve moved our focus to food quality, quantity, and timing. We’ll calculate you macronutrient and caloric needs tailored to your Lean Body Mass and activity levels. You’ll know exactly how much you are supposed to eat and in what combinations to avoid guessing. It will require focus but be less of a battle of wills. Spots close today! Sign up here now: Sign-up sheet or sign-up with any instructor during regular group classes.