Performance Nutrition Challenge VIII Survival Guide


Strategies for Success

The PNC can be difficult. 6 weeks without some of the American diet staples isn’t easy.
Having general strategies to help you through the process will make the PNC much easier and more enjoyable overall

Buy a food scale

This is absolutely essential. A great, affordable food scale for the purposes of the PNC can be found on Amazon.

Have a plan

Plan out your meals for the week. This will make it easier to plan in some variety, and make sure you aren’t stuck in a situation without PNC-friendly foods.

Make a shopping list before going to the grocery store

Prepare yourself before heading to the grocery store. Write down a list of everything you plan on getting while there. Many people claim they can’t figure out what to buy at the grocery store during the challenge, ultimately coming home with very little. When you come home without enough food, you’ll eventually give in to your default eating habits!

Focus on colors

Food quality is the most important aspect of the PNC. Buy vegetables of various colors in order to ensure you will consume enough micronutrients. An easy way to do this is to buy vegetables that cover the colors of a rainbow (red, orange, yellow, green, purple)

Prepare food for the entire week

On Sunday, prepare as much food as you can.

Make more than you need

When cooking dinner, make enough to have leftovers at least once. Some people complain that many of the recipes in this booklet make too much. We see that as a good thing!

Read the label

There’s sugar in everything. Salad dressing. Lunch meat. Bacon!

Food timing

Beyond quality and quantity, food timing will be important. The chart below is a suggestion of how to compose your meals in relation to the times you train for greater fat loss/muscle gain. Note: all of your meals will contain all of the macronutrients. This is simple a suggestion (From Flexible Dieting 2.0) for what the bulk of the proportions should be.

AM Training: Meal 1 = Protein/Carbs, Meal 2 = Protein/Carbs, Meal 3 = Protein/Fat, Meal 4 = Protein/Fat

Noon Training: Meal 1 = Protein/Fat, Meal 2 = Protein/Carbs, Meal 3 = Protein/Carbs, Meal 4 = Protein/Fat

PM Training: Meal 1 = Protein/Fat, Meal 2 = Protein/Fat, Meal 3 = Protein/Carbs, Meal 4 = Protein/Carbs

Organizing Your Team

This Challenge will bring camaraderie that can only be found from working with a team. We’re hoping that the team aspect of this challenge will keep everyone dedicated, skyrocketing progress.

Ideas for a successful team:

Exchange recipes and shopping lists over each weekend to better prepare for the week ahead. Some members find that preparation is one of the more difficult parts of the challenge. Take it a step further, and go with your partners to do your grocery shopping.

Organize routine dinners, potlucks, or even lunches. Use these times to discuss challenges, and to get to know your teammates better.

Communicate frequently. Get to know your teammates!

Make sure everyone is staying on track. If your team mates are “slipping”, talk with them, encourage them to do better!