RVA Barbell starts again 10/31/16


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The next RVA Barbell cycle begins in 2 weeks on 10/31!

This class is for those interested in improving their Olympic Lifts (Snatch/Clean & Jerk) and strength dramatically. Open to all skill levels.

If you find that you often have to scale weight more than reps, or that you simply want to improve your lifts, this class is a great option.

For those who would like to try weightlifting as a sport, this cycle will be leading up to the Old Dominion Classic on 1/21/16 here in Richmond.

With typically small class sizes, 90 minute classes, fewer movements to focus on, and no conditioning portion to the workouts, you’ll get a ton of attention and hands on time.

This class can be done in conjunction with ~3 CrossFit group classes per week, depending on your goals and recovery.

Class Setup:

Monday / Wednesday / Friday
5:30 – 7pm
Talk to us about options if you can’t make the regular class time consistently.


  • $40 per month in addition to group class membership for 3 months
  • $165/month for non-members. Some experience with the Snatch and Clean & Jerk required, or, 4 sessions of our Elements of Weightlifting personal training series


  • Increased attention on classic weightlifting movements
  • One on one face-time with Jake and Gerry each class
  • Group programming, personalized to your goals and skill level
  • Weekly feedback and progress reporting
  • Video analysis of lifts
  • Transfer of weightlifting technique into CrossFit classes

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